Crimson Beasts
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
CB-EN000 Toon Black Luster Soldier Secret Rare Toon Monster
CB-EN001 Red-Eyes Neo Dragon Ultimate Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
CB-EN002 Neo Dark Magician Ultra Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
CB-EN003 Neo Maiden of the Aqua Ultra Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
CB-EN004 Gazelle the Neo King of Mythical Beasts Super Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
CB-EN005 Toon Slime Knight Rare Toon Monster
CB-EN006 Shadow Mage with the Forbidden Left Arm Common Fusion/Effect Monster
CB-EN007 Toon Crab Turtle Super Rare Toon Monster
CB-EN008 Kid Dark Magician Common Normal Monster
CB-EN009 Enigma Super Rare Normal Monster
CB-EN010 Alien Infused Gilford Ultra Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
CB-EN011 Elemental HERO Toon Neos Ultra Rare Tuner Monster
CB-EN012 Neo-Spacian Toon Scarab Rare Tuner Monster
CB-EN013 Elemental HERO Toon Flare Neos Ultra Rare Fusion/Tuner Monster
CB-EN014 Gold-Eyes Alien Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CB-EN015 Theinen the Dark Sphinx Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CB-EN016 Gilford the Dark Legend Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CB-EN017 Dimension Lord - Yuriza Super Rare Effect Monster
CB-EN018 The Mothman Ultimate Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
CB-EN019 Chupacabra Common Normal Tuner Monster
CB-EN020 Akkorokamui Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CB-EN021 Dark Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CB-EN022 Blue-Eyes Dark Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CB-EN023 Lightning Mage Common Effect Monster
CB-EN024 Battle Soldier Rare Tuner Monster
CB-EN025 Elemental HERO Raikiba Common Tuner Monster
CB-EN026 Fiendish Express - Doomtrain Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CB-EN027 Dimension Destroyer Common Normal Monster
CB-EN028 PSI Awaken Hayabusa Knight Common Tuner Monster
CB-EN029 Wolpertinger Common Tuner Monster
CB-EN030 Neo Phoenix Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CB-EN031 Neo Tiger Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CB-EN032 Neo Dragon Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CB-EN033 Neo Turtle Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CB-EN034 Neo Fisherman Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
CB-EN035 Destiny HERO - The Grand Samurai Common Effect Monster
CB-EN036 Red Plumper Common Normal Monster
CB-EN037 The Jersey Devil Ultra Rare Ritual/Effect Monster
CB-EN038 Kappa Common Normal Tuner Monster
CB-EN039 Guardian of the Unknown Creatures Super Rare Effect Monster
CB-EN040 Shinigami Secret Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
CB-EN041 Mokèlé-mbèmbé Ultra Rare Normal Monster
CB-EN042 Exo Battle Armor Rare Union Monster
CB-EN043 Elemental HERO Alien Neos Ultra Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
CB-EN044 Ultimate Knight - Kerukos Ultimate Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
CB-EN045 Neo Polymerization Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell
CB-EN046 Toon Black Luster Ritual Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell
CB-EN047 Toon Turtle Oath Rare Quick-Play Spell
CB-EN048 Toon Blackhole Rare Normal Spell
CB-EN049 Popcorn Machine Common Quick-Play Spell
CB-EN050 Corridor of Time and Space Secret Rare Field Spell
CB-EN051 Chaos in New Jersey Super Rare Ritual Spell
CB-EN052 The Unknown World Ultra Rare Field Spell
CB-EN053 Necronomicon Rare Quick-Play Spell
CB-EN054 The Ancient Gate Common Continuous Spell
CB-EN055 Unleashing the Forbidden Power Ultra Rare Equip Spell
CB-EN056 Bloody Chainsaw Common Equip Spell
CB-EN057 Robe of the Dark Magician Super Rare Equip Spell
CB-EN058 Animated White Lightning Rare Normal Spell
CB-EN059 Rare Megamorph Common Equip Spell
CB-EN060 Rebirth Stream Common Normal Spell
CB-EN061 Willamette Mall Rare Field Spell
CB-EN062 Illegal Stim-Pack Common Equip Spell
CB-EN063 Dimension Cloning Machine Common Continuous Spell
CB-EN064 Card Apocalypse Ultra Rare Normal Spell
CB-EN065 Hero Cannon Common Normal Spell
CB-EN066 Dark Burning Magic Attack Common Normal Spell
CB-EN067 Alliance against the Darkness Common Normal Spell
CB-EN068 Solo Mission Common Quick-Play Spell
CB-EN075 The Mysterious Graverobber Ultra Rare Normal Trap
CB-EN076 The Stalker in the Starless Night Common Normal Trap
CB-EN077 Wildfire of Chaos Ultra Rare Counter Trap
CB-EN079 Jaguar Knight Common Angel Monster
CB-EN082 The Great Valley Ultra Rare Field Spell
CB-EN100 Bahamut, the Divine King of the Dragons Secret Rare Effect Monster
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