Crimson Kosmos
クリムソン コスモス
Crimson Kosmos
Japan-flag Romaji Kurimuson Kosumosu
Japan-flag Translated Crimson Kosmos
Attribute Light Light
Type(s) [ Warrior/Fusion/Effect ]
Level 10 Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2
ATK / DEF 3000 / 3000
Effect type(s) Summon, Continuous, Trigger
"Fancy HERO Kosmos" + "Crimson Swordslady"

This card cannot be Special Summoned except by tributing the above cards you control to the Graveyard (You do not use "Polymerization"). During battle between this attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent. When this card destroys a monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the ATK or DEF of the destroyed monster, whichever is higher. This card cannot be destroyed by card effects. When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, remove from play 1 "Fancy HERO" and 1 "Crimson" monster to Special Summon this card from your Graveyard during your Standby Phase.

Sets Duelist Pack - Yumi Fuuko

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