Cross Monsters are a new type of Monster Card created by Maxus1576. They are Special Summoned from the Extra Deck by Cross Summon, using an Augment monster in your hand and a non-Augment monster on your field. They are coloured a whitish-yellow.

Similar to Synchro Monsters and Composition Monsters, Cross Monsters require a certain type of monster in order to be Summoned, although the process of Summoning is much easier than the formerly mentioned types of Summoning. When a Cross Monster is Cross Summoned, it's Cross Materials are placed in a new Zone named the Cross Zone. Similar to Xyz Monsters, many Cross Monsters are able to use their Cross Materials to activate their effects. Many Augment Monsters also have effects that activate while they are in the Cross Zone. Although Cross Monsters possess a Level, it is irrelevant in the way they are summoned. In the card text of a Cross Monster, it's Cross Product and necessary Cross Material are listed.


Cross Monster Card
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