The Crown summon is the method of summoning a Royal monster from the extra deck


To Crown summon you must play the card "Coronation" (To the right), which allows you to sacrifice the cards listed in the monster's text, so you can special summon it.

For summoning a royal monster, there are three types of materials, the "Base" monster, this one cannot be replaced by any other card and it's always one, the servant monsters, which some royal monsters don't have and the number can vary from 1 to 6, and the spell card, which all of them have and the number needed can vary from 1 to 11.

One last thing. The total amount of Levels/Ranks/Link Arrows sacrificed plus the total amount of spell/traps must be equal to the level of the royal monster that you want to summon.

Royal monster example

Example, for example, let's suppose that I want to summon Zubaba King (To the left), for that I need to sacrifice a Zubaba monster plus 1 or more spells and traps.

The opponent has 2400 Life points left, no monsters on the field, and in the next turn they will draw the last part of exodia and win.

In the field I have the monster "Zubaba Buster" (Level 3), the Field Spell Card "Yami" and the card "The Warrior Returning Alive" on my hand. Then, I draw Coronation.

First of all, please ignore the fact that someone playing with Zubabas has Yami, second, I play coronation, sacrifice Zubaba Buster and Yami, which would allow me to summon a Level 4 Royal monster (a Level 3 monster plus 1 spell), but Zubaba King is Level 5, so I must also sacrifice The warrior returning alive, then I can summon Zubaba King (a Level 3 monster plus 2 spells), attack the opponent and win.

Loyal Servant

This Kind of summon is like a combination of fusion (Since it requires a special spell to use it) and synchro (Since the total level of the materials must be equal to the level of the result), but with spell cards added.

There are cards that can be used as two materials, or as other types of materials, "Loyal Servant" (To the right) Is especially useful, since it can be used as either as two spell cards or two servant cards for a crown summoning.

Royal monster frame
To the left you can see the framework of a crown monster.


  • The Royal Summon is one of the two extra deck summoning mechanics added in Yu-Gi-Oh Nova, alongside the Cosmic Summon.
  • The Crown summoning is also called Royal summoning
  • Te author made the royal summon require a specific spell since his favourite summoning method is fusion, and wanted to create something similar without being a copy of it (The author thinks that he made a good work with that).
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