"Cryptoid" is an archetype of DARK Level 4 Machine monsters that was created by CardMakerDoge. The archetype also has some Synchro Monsters and an Xyz Monster. Their playing style is basically shuffling monsters from the field into the Deck in order to Special Summon more monsters, and then perform the Synchro Summon of the Synchro Monsters of the archetype.


Main Deck

Cryptoid Origin
Cryptoid Adjule Adjule
Cryptoid Bunyip Bunyip
Cryptoid Chupacabra Chupacabra
Cryptoid Elwedritsche Elwedritsche
Cryptoid Jackalope Jackalope
Cryptoid Tatzelwurm Tatzelwurm
Cryptoid Yeti Yeti

Extra Deck

The Cryptoid Origin
The Cryptoid Ahool Ahool
The Cryptoid Earthworm Earthworm
The Cryptoid Haniver Haniver
The Cryptoid Kraken Kraken
The Cryptoid Wendigo Wendigo
The Cryptoid Wolpertinger Wolpertinger
The Cryptoid Ya-Te-Veo Ya-Te-Veo
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