Crystal Wing Datastream Dragon
Japan-flag Romaji Kurisutaru Wingu Dētāsutorīmu Doragon
Creator JackJackson17
Attribute WIND WIND
Type(s) [ Cyberse/Link/Effect ]
ATK / LINK 3000 / 7
Link Arrows

Arrow-8A Arrow-1B Arrow-2A

Arrow-7A Arrow-3A

Arrow-6A Arrow-5A Arrow-4A

3 Link Monsters, including "Clear Wing Datastream Dragon"
Once per turn, when your opponent activates a card or effect that includes changing a monster's ATK (Quick Effect): You can change that monster's ATK to 0, and if you do, inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monster's original ATK. This card cannot attack the turn you activate this effect.

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