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The Cursed Art monsters are an archetype of DARK Fiend Gemini monsters that are based on different forms and styles of visual art, such as found art sculptures, statues, and painting. The heavy hitters of the deck of the Found Cursed Art Xyz Monsters, found art sculptures that represent all 21 Types of monsters in the TCG (this is not counting Wyrm, Divine-Beast, or Creator God types) that looks somewhat like famous monsters from that Type from 5D's(Archer looking like Junk Archer), GX (Viper looking like Vennominaga), and the original series (Dragon looking like Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon). They are Effect Monsters whose effects mimic what Type they represent or what it is a sculpture of, with the side effect being that they have their ATK and DEF reduced to 0 and become treated as non-Effect Monsters when they run out of Xyz Materials. The ace of the deck is the Fusion Monster Cursed Art - Dark Collage Monstrosity.

These monsters appear in Yu-Gi-Oh! GSTART, but they are not Gemini Monsters; They instead rely on their "Black Gallery" Field Spell (which has a different effect) to gain their effects.  Some of these monsters become Base Monsters, and the Found Cursed Arts are Composition Monsters.

Play Style

While there is a diversity of effects with the Cursed Art monsters, a deck focused on them is geared towards quickly Gemini Summoning the monsters (using your Normal Summon to treat these cards as Effect Monsters), and quickly Xyz Summoning Found Cursed Art Xyz Monsters.