Cyber Angels

This booster pack is my own creation Ive been working on this pack for a while a I finally finish it. This booster pack is really focus on Cyber Angels and I know how people are wondering why they didn't make Cyber Angels Rituals monsters and also focus on White Knights,Kuriboh's brothers and Blair's Mystic Deck.


7 Secret Rares

3 Ultimate Rares

10 Ultra Rares

4 Super Rares

14 Rares

22 Common

Cyber Angels
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
CYA-000 Kal,Lightsworn Sky of Judgement Secret Rare Effect Monster
CYA-001 Cyber Angel Twin Swordsmistress Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
CYA-002 Cyber Angel Steel Angel Rare Ritual Monster
CYA-003 Cyber Angel Ainia Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
CYA-004 Cyber Angel Alcippe Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
CYA-005 Cyber Angel Andromeda Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
CYA-006 Cyber Angel Dark Phoenix Blade Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
CYA-007 Cyber Angel Idaten Rare Ritual Monster
CYA-008 Cyber Angel Dakini Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
CYA-009 Cyber Angel Benten Common Ritual Monster
CYA-010 Cyber Petit Angel Common Effect Monster
CYA-011 Garbeil, Lightsworn Angel Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CYA-012 Lightsworn's Ultimate Light Dragon Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
CYA-013 Lightsworn's Ultimate Lightsworn Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
CYA-014 White Knight Angel Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CYA-015 White Knight Saint Rare Effect Monster
CYA-016 White Knight Queen Super Rare Effect Monster
CYA-017 White Knight Lancer Rare Effect Monster
CYA-018 White Knight Swordsman Common Effect Monster
CYA-019 White Knight Lord Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CYA-020 Spike Egg Common Effect Monster
CYA-021 Mystic Egg Common Effect Monster
CYA-022 Mystic Baby Dragon Common Effect Monster
CYA-023 Mystic Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
CYA-024 Kuribi Common Effect Monster
CYA-025 Kuribu Common Effect Monster
CYA-026 Kuribe Common Effect Monster
CYA-027 Kuriba Common Effect Monster
CYA-028 Kuribabylon Rare Effect Monster
CYA-029 Kuribandit Rare Effect Monster
CYA-030 Cyber Angel Swordsman Ultra Rare Normal Monster
CYA-031 Cyber Angel Guardian Super Rare Effect Monster
CYA-032 Machine Angel Ritual Rare Ritual Spell
CYA-033 Ritual sanctuary Common Field Spell
CYA-034 Hope of Cyber Angel Secret Rare Continuous Spell
CYA-035 Angel Wing Common Equip Spell
CYA-036 Prima Light Rare Quick-Play Spell
CYA-037 Allegro Toile Common Quick-Play Spell
CYA-038 Five Star Twilight Common Spell
CYA-039 Bubble Rod Super Rare Equip Spell
CYA-040 Necroshot Super Rare Equip Spell
CYA-041 Infernal White Rare Continuous Spell
CYA-042 Mystic Revolution Rare Spell
CYA-043 Dress Up Common Equip Spell
CYA-044 Dark Burning Attack! Ultimate Rare Spell
CYA-045 Charm of a Dark Magician Girl Common Quick-Play Spell
CYA-046 Necro Illusion Common Quick-Play Spell
CYA-047 Dark Spear Rare Equip Spell
CYA-048 I Will Protect You Secret Rare Trap
CYA-049 Doble Passé Common Trap
CYA-050 Angel Blast Common Trap
CYA-051 Pure Pupil Common Trap
CYA-052 Elemental Hero Sparkman Rare Normal Monster
CYA-053 Elemental Hero Neos Secret Rare Normal Monster
CYA-054 Cyber Tutu Common Effect Monster
CYA-055 White Knight King Secret Rare Fusion Monster
CYA-056 White Knight Fort Dragon Rare Effect Monster
CYA-057 Wrath of a King Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell
CYA-058 Sword of a White Knight Common Equip Spell
CYA-059 Force of a Cyber Angel Rare Counter-Trap
CYA-060 Lightsworn Archangel Secret Rare Effect Monster
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