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Cyber HERO Ember Crossfire, one of the Cyber Hero Synchro Monsters.

The Cyber Hero cards are a series of cybernetic- or futuristic-themed Warrior-Type monsters without a specific shared Attribute, although the majority of them are Light. They are used by Daisuke Kuwabara in Saiba Aisu's Fan Fic, Yu-Gi-Oh! End of Days. They were personally designed for use in this writing project by Saiba Aisu.


They are identified by having the words "Cyber Hero" (C•HERO) in their names. In the Japanese versions, the names of the Cyber Heroes are hyphenated. Although they are exclusively Warrior-Type monsters, their designs incorporate many elements drawn from popular Steampunk culture and the Gundam anime and manga series.

Playing Style

Many of the Cyber Heroes possess a common theme of negating the opponent's card effects and removing cards from play, which effectively limits the options available to the opponent during a Duel. In addition, the majority of the Cyber Hero monsters possess only mediocre ATK and DEF—however, they do include a few powerful cards, generally Synchro Monsters. To support this theme and facilitate Synchro Summons, the Cyber Heroes possess several useful support cards, many of which are capable of Special Summoning them. With cards like Cyber Speed Unit or Cybernetic Warp, the player is able to Special Summon monsters from their hand or GY respectively, while cards like Cyber HERO Tektonic and Cyber HERO Contact Gold help to negate the opponent's harmful card effects.