"Cyber Terror" is an archetype of Link-5 Link Monsters of various Attributes and Types made by Cthulhujr. These cards are based on and named after various computer viruses and mythical creatures.

Cyber Terror Jerusalem Baphomet

Play style

The Cyber Terrors have an effect similar to the anime-only "Deck Destruction Virus" in "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light". The only difference is that this effect can only be activated when a monster of a certain type or attribute they point to is destroyed by battle. Also this effect they all share can only be used once per turn.

For Example: If you have Cyber Terror Jerusalem Baphomet and a DARK monster it points to is destroyed, its effect is activated.


The design of the Cyber Terror monsters are based on mythical creatures and malware.

Examples are Cyber Terror Brain Kraken is based on the Kraken of Norse mythology as well as the computer virus called Brain.


Each member of this archetype has a Deck milling effect whenever a monster of a specific type or attribute they point to is destroyed as a result of battle. Makin them really consistent when used in a Deck that specializes with monsters of the needed type or Attribute. As a Machine themed Deck can work for Cyber Terror AutoRun Golem or a FIRE Deck can work well for Cyber Terror Fizzer Salamander.

Cyber Terror Computer Virus Mythical Creature
Cyber Terror Jerusalem Baphomet Jerusalem Baphomet
Cyber Terror Solar Sunrise Phoenix Solar Sunrise Phoenix
Cyber Terror Brain Kraken Brain Kraken
Cyber Terror ExplorerZip Manticore ExplorerZip Manticore
Cyber Terror AutoRun Golem AutoRun Golem
Cyber Terror Fizzer Salamander Fizzer Salamander
Cyber Terror Sircam Basilisk Sircam Basilisk
Cyber Terror Sobig Gashadokuro Sobig Gashadokuro
Cyber Terror Magistr Werewolf Magistr Werewolf
Cyber Terror Storm Thunderbird Storm Thunderbird
Cyber Terror PoisonIvy Alraune PoisonIvy Alraune
Cyber Terror Metropolitan Police Virus Cerberus Metropolitan Police Virus Cerberus
Cyber Terror Nimda Sphinx Nimda Sphinx
Cyber Terror SQL Slammer Pegasus SQL Slammer Pegasus
Cyber Terror Alureon Orthrus Alureon Orthrus
Cyber Terror Stuxnet Minotaur Stuxnet Minotaur
Cyber Terror Klez Hydra Klez Lernaean Hydra
Cyber Terror CIH Gargoyle CIH Gargoyle
Cyber Terror Blaster Leviathan Blaster Leviathan
Cyber Terror Sasser Harpy Sasser Harpy
Cyber Terror Morris Sasquatch Morris Sasquatch
Cyber Terror Agent.BTZ Ahuizotl Agent.BTZ Ahuizotl
Cyber Terror Win32/Fakesysdef Lizard Man Fakesysdef Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp
Cyber Terror MyDoom Kitsune Mydoom Kitsune
Cyber Terror Conficker Ahool Conficker Ahool
Cyber Terror ZueS Roc ZeuS Roc
Cyber Terror CodeRed Dragon CodeRed Dragon
Cyber Terror Melissa Siren Melissa Siren
Cyber Terror ILoveYou Mermaid ILoveYou Mermaid
Cyber Terror CryptoLocker Alien CryptoLocker Alien


Card inspiration
The Dark Web Dark Web
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