D.D. Necrobomb
Creator LGhostRiderl
Attribute FIRE FIRE
Type(s) [ Zombie/Fusion/Effect ]
Level 5 Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2
ATK / DEF 0 / 1800
"Necroface" + "Jigen Bakudan"

During either player's turn (Quick Effect): You can banish this face-up card you control; inflict 200 damage to your opponent for each card in both player's Banished Zones, then if your opponent takes any effect damage from this card's effect, you can add 1 monster from your GY or Deck to the Hand with ATK equal or lower than that damage, except a monster with 0 ATK. You can only use this effect of "D.D. Necrobomb" once per turn.

Sets Apocalyptic Battle (APBA-EN045)
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