D.D. Void

“D.D. Void” is an archetype of DARK Psychic-type monsters with 0 DEF created by LGhostRiderl and debuted in Sealed Elements (is not a "Void" sub-archetype, but all "D.D. Void" cards are members of "D.D." series). They are based on "D.D. Void Madness", an DARK counterpart of "PSY-Frame Driver".


The Ritual monster names can form, together, "Psycho-path" (see "D.D. Void Madness" lore). The level 1 main deck monsters names are derived from mental disorders (also, all level 1 monsters are DARK counterparts of PSY-Frame Tuners):

Main Deck monster "Original" PSY-Frame Tuner Mental Disorder
D.D. Void Bipol PSY-Framegear Alpha Bipolar
D.D. Void Depre PSY-Framegear Beta Depression
D.D. Void Schizo PSY-Framegear Delta Schizophrenia
D.D. Void Paran PSY-Framegear Epsilon Paranoid
D.D. Void Panic PSY-Framegear Gamma Panic Disorder

Playing Style

The archetype focus on quicky Ritual Summoning and prevent opponent's moves. All level 1 monsters can be Special Summon itself from hand while you control 2 (or less) monsters with different names, also can banish itself to search "D.D. Void" cards. The Ritual Monsters focus on negating opponent's effect(s), as long you control 2 (or less) monsters with different names. Because those Ritual Monster negations can only be activated if the player have no cards in GY, the Ritual Spell focus on banish cards to Ritual Summon instead of Tribute, also the Ritual Monsters and Field Spell can banish cards from your GY to remove from play as many cards from your GY as possible.

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