Damavand - Realm of the Lightning Gods
Creator Flytdais
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Field Field
"Lightning Deities" can attack directly when their ATK is 400 points higher than the amount printed on their card text, or less than that. If a player targets a "Lightning Deity" on the field for the effect of a Spell, Trap, or Monster card, the controller of the targeted card can discard 1 card from their hand to negate the activation of the effect.
Sets Nature's Vengeance - NV-EN043 - Super Rare

Lightning Deities

Lightning Deity Monsters
Brontus - Chaac - Exolotl - Freig - Gongsang - Isah - Lei Gong - Lord Kaezal

Maja - Ohma-Juu - Parjanya - Raijen - Sett - Shah Khan - Susai
Thure - Tenjinn - Vajra - Yojinbo - Zayeus

Support Cards

Alt. & Dir. - Damavand - Realm of the Lightning Gods - Drain Lance - Lightning Barrier - Lightning Crush
Ominous Thundercloud - Ancient Thunder Glyph
Ball Lightning - Thunderous Hound
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