The Darcel series is a series of DARK Machine-Type monsters, and another sub-Archetype of the Machine Emperors (or Meklords, which it has a form of). These parts are all purple in color, and when combined, they have a vaguely bat-shaped form. What makes Darcel unique is that unlike all other Machine Emperors/Meklords, Darcel's Guard Parts actually get weaker in terms of DEF as they level up. This is because Darcel utilizes an Anti-Piercing strategy with Darcel Guard 5 negating Piercing Damage and Darcel Guard 7 sending the damage right back to the opponent. The fact that Darcel Guards 3, 5, and 7 cannot be destroyed in battle makes Darcel formidable, but the parts are still vulnerable to card effects. Also, the strongest Attack and Guard Parts for Darcel require a certain Trap Card to Summon.

Name Part ATK DEF

Machine Emperor Darcel Infinity

Torso 0 0
Darcel Top Head 400 0
Darcel Attack Arms 1100 0
Darcel Attack 3 Upgraded Arms 1500 0
Darcel Attack 5 Further Upgraded Arms 1800 0
Darcel Attack 7 Fully Upgraded Arms 2200 0
Darcel Guard Wings 0 1300
Darcel Guard 3 Upgraded Wings 0 800
Darcel Guard 5 Further Upgraded Wings 0 300
Darcel Guard 7 Fully Upgraded Wings 0 0
Darcel Carrier Legs 900 500
Dark Core "Core" card for Darcel 0 0
Meklord Emperor Darcel Full Form (OCG/TCG Version. Also called "Machine Emperor Darcel Infinity [Alternate]".) 2400 0
Meklord Army of Darcel Darcel's Army. (Also called "Machine Imperial Soldier Darcel Ein".) 1500 1300

Enhancement Cards

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