A Dark Bind Monster is a type of Monster Card that is stored in the Extra Deck. The color of their card frame is dark red, with a pixelated pattern similar to a computer program glitching. It is a corrupted version of a Link Monster, created by Donjusticia.[Disclaimer 1]


Like Link Monsters, Dark Bind Monsters do not possess Levels or Ranks and do not have any DEF value, meaning they can only exist in face-up Attack Position. However, there are ways in which Dark Bind Monsters differentiate from Link Monsters.

Bind Arrows

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Similar to a Link Monster's Link Arrows, Dark Bind Monsters have eight Bind Arrows that radiate outward from the art frame, and denote which zones and monsters Dark Bind Monsters point to. Also, they allow monsters in the Extra Deck to be Special Summoned from the Extra Deck to a Main Monster Zone a Dark Bind Monster points to. In contrast to Link Arrows, however, Bind Arrows are indicated by dark blue arrows as opposed to red. If a Dark Bind Monster points to a monster, the monsters are considered to be "bound" to each other.

Dark Bind Rating

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Another indicator exclusive to Dark Bind Monsters is a Dark Bind Rating, similar to a Link Monster's Link Rating. Like a Link Rating, a Dark Bind Rating is always equal to its number of Bind Arrows, and also determines the total number of Dark Bind Materials required to Dark Bind Summon it. Unlike a Link Rating that has a positive value, the value of a Dark Bind Rating is always negative, similar to the Negative Level exclusive for a Dark Synchro Monster.

Dark Bind Summon

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A Dark Bind Summon is the act of Summoning a Dark Bind Monster from the Extra Deck using the requisite number of Dark Bind Materials listed on its Dark Bind Number. During the Main Phase, the turn player can Dark Bind Summon by sending the face-up Dark Bind Materials from their field to the Graveyard.


  1. IMPORTANT: If anyone is to use any Dark Bind Monster they create for their stories, they MUST credit Donjusticia as the rightful creator of Dark Bind Monsters!
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