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Dark Blade (archetype)

Dark Blade is an Archetype based on the "Dark Blade" series on TCG/OCG, debuted in Darkness in the Paradise. Those cards consist of DARK Warrior-type monsters (with the exception of "Yamimakai, Dark Blade Master"), and are supported by "Metalsilver" archetype.

Playing Style

The archetype Focus on swarm and aggro techniques. "Dark Blade #2" and "Dark Blade #3" can Swarm the field, either by Special Summon itself or by Special Summon a Union monster (preferably Kiryu and Pitch-Dark Dragon). Those Union monsters can equip on face-up "Dark Blade" you control, increase their ATK and give certains useful effects during the Battle Phase. The "Dark Blade" Fusion monsters have effects activated during the Battle Phase, by banishing cards from your opponent's field, deck or Graveyard each time inflicts battle damage, who can be supported by "Metalsilver Energy" (protects during the Battle Phase) and "Metalsilver Fusion" (attack twice during each battle phase).