Welcome to the Dark Saviors. Unleash your newfound Dark Synchro Monsters. Master it and unlock your potential.

  • Includes members/supports for Dark Avenger, Dark Synchro Dragons, Dark Magician, Magician Girl, Dark World, Yubel, Dark Tuners, Infernity, Numbers, Abyss Actors, and Destiny HERO archetypes as well as Spider and Gun Dragon series
  • Introduces Shadow Knights, Rana Girls, Gigaspreme, Flower Angels, Mirroroids, and Darkdra.
  • Introduces the first support to Number 96 and Dark Tuner

Dark Saviors
(FTCG - English)
Booster Pack
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
DDDS-EN001 Dark Magician Ultra Rare Normal Monster
DDDS-EN002 Zure, Knight of Dark World Common Normal Monster
DDDS-EN003 Shadow Knight Malefictor Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN004 Shadow Knight Azuroth Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN005 Shadow Knight Garnon Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN006 Shadow Knight Clawford Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN007 Dark Tuner Shadow Veil Super Rare Dark Tuner Monster
DDDS-EN008 Rana Girl Aquadora Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN009 Rana Girl Drainea Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN010 Rana Girl Liquibeauty Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN011 Dark Tuner Darksea Dolphin Super Rare Dark Tuner Monster
DDDS-EN012 Gigaspreme Grumble Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN013 Gigaspreme Golem Super Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN014 Gigaspreme Gardna Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN015 Gigaspreme Giant Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN016 Gigaspreme Golden Golem Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN017 Dark Tuner Wasteland Tyrant Super Rare Dark Tuner Monster
DDDS-EN018 Flower Angel Roselina Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN019 Flower Angel Ivy Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN020 Flower Angel Sunflora Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN021 Dark Tuner Wood Mantis Super Rare Dark Tuner Monster
DDDS-EN022 Mirroroid Reflector Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN023 Mirroroid Destroyer Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN024 Mirroroid Copycat Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN025 Mirroroid Eye Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN026 Dark Tuner Mirror Sage Super Rare Dark Tuner Monster
DDDS-EN027 Darkdra Knight Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN028 Darkdra Lancer Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN029 Darkdra Crossbow Shooter Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN030 Darkdra Mace Wielder Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN031 Dark Tuner Darkdra Field Commander Super Rare Dark Tuner Monster
DDDS-EN032 Sorcerer of Dark Magic Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN033 Dark Magician Knight Super Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN034 Dark Magician Girl Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN035 Magician's Valkyria Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN036 Apple Magician Girl Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN037 Lemon Magician Girl Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN038 Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World Super Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN039 Snoww, Unlight of Dark World Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN040 Ceruli, Guru of Dark World Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN041 Yubel Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN042 Dark Tuner Dark Ape Common Dark Tuner Monster
DDDS-EN043 Dark Tuner Nightmare Hand Rare Dark Tuner Monster
DDDS-EN044 Dark Tuner Doom Submarine Rare Dark Tuner Monster
DDDS-EN045 Dark Tuner Spider Cocoon Common Dark Tuner Monster
DDDS-EN046 Infernity Archer Super Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN047 Infernity Knight Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN048 Infernity Patriarch Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN049 Infernity General Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN050 Abyss Actor - Evil Heel Super Rare Pendulum Monster
DDDS-EN051 Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian Super Rare Pendulum Monster
DDDS-EN052 Abyss Actor - Superstar Ultra Rare Pendulum Monster
DDDS-EN053 Abyss Actor - Sassy Rookie Common Pendulum Monster
DDDS-EN054 Abyss Actor - Extras Common Pendulum Monster
DDDS-EN055 Abyss Actor - Leading Lady Common Pendulum Monster
DDDS-EN056 Abyss Actor - Wild Hope Rare Pendulum Monster
DDDS-EN057 Destiny HERO - Drilldark Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN058 Destiny HERO - Dynatag Super Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN059 Destiny HERO - Decider Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN060 Dark Spider Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN061 Ground Spider Common Effect Monster
DDDS-EN062 Barrel Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
DDDS-EN063 Dark Avenger Revengeance Ultra Rare Dark Synchro Monster