The Dark Matter Blade is an ability possessed by Yamoto, which he uses to extract the Number from those who hold them. It manifests from Yamoto's left hand as a stream of dark purple energy in a blade form. After defeating an enemy, Yamoto slashes them with the Dark Matter Blade, leaving a slash mark on them that eventually fades, but literally slicing the Numbers out of them. After the slash, the Number(s) are lodged in the blade, which Yamoto then retracts, moving the Numbers into his hand. The Dark Matter Blade does not cut through anything, but any person hit by it experiences excruciating pain, to the point of passing out. However, after a few hours, the victim will awake with no pain. Yamoto dislikes using this ability due to the pain it causes, but he has no other way of extracting them. When Yamoto confronts Kaito in Numbershot 10, he says that this ability is better than Photon Hand.


  • The Dark Matter Blade is probably named after Yamoto's signature card, "Number 93: Dark Matter Dragon".
  • The Dark Matter Blade is identical in appearance to the Spirit Sword used by Vegito from Dragon Ball Z, only dark purple in color.
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