Dark Orchestra

"Dark Orchestra" (ダークオーケストラ / Dākuōkesutora)  is an archetype of DARK Fiend Type monsters introduced in Nightmare Orchestra used by Rodrigo Graywood.



Flautista da Orquestra Megra

"The Flute Player of the Dark Orchestra"

All "Dark Orchestra" monsters are based on orchestra musicians with the appearance of a shadow holding or playing a music instrument, except these monsters:

Or are solitary instruments on a wooden floor like "The Baton of the Dark Orchestra".

Sketch Dark Ochestra

My fist sketch of some monsters: Maestro, Pianist, Violinist, Flautist, Tuba, Cymbal and Triplets.

Playing Style

The main strategy of a "Dark Orchestra" Deck is deck destruction, preventing your opponent from draw cards and giving instant victory. All the "Dark Orchestra" cards don't make battle or effect damage. Then the player using this deck is restricted to deck destruction.

Many monsters "Dark Orchestra" summon more monsters other "Dark Orchestra" for the deck, hand or graveyard. The "The Dark Orchestra Theater" is very important on this deck because several effects of monsters are activated in the cemetery and the "The Dark Orchestra Theater" negates any effect in the cemetery except the "Dark Orchestra" cards.

This deck also has several Zyx monsters. But it only has a Link

Violinista da Orquestra Negra - Com Fundo - Cópia

"The Violist of Dark Orchestra"

monster, "The Violist of Dark Orchestra" is very important on this deck, because he perminates the invocation of these Zyx monsters. But it only allows you to make invocations of monsters Zyx, this is something that leaves its effects balanced him because he has Link-3 pointing only to your field.

"The Ecstasy of Dark Orchestra" gives a 1000 buff in ATK and DEF to "Dark Orchestra" monsters. Although not dealt any damage, this deck can destroy monsters by battle or effect. "Dark Orchestra Music" is a sub-archetype of this deck if it consists of Spells and Traps that support this deck. The Continuous Spell, "The Deliverance of the Dark Orchestra's Curse" can be a good choice on this deck, it turns the "Dark Orchestra" monsters into Warrior-type monsters and changes its Attribute to LIGHT, as well as negates its effects of no cause battle damage.


• As already mentioned, this deck does not damage the opponent. Something that combines with the user of this deck, Rodrigo Graywood, because he is a duelist who does not like violence.