Dark Protector

Dark Protector is an Archetype of DARK Beast and Warrior-type monsters debuted in Darkness in the Paradise, whose effects focus on support any DARK Ritual Monsters. The Main Deck monsters (except the Ritual Monsters) and the Xyz Monsters are all level/rank 4 DARK Beast-type, and those monsters seem like guardians, protectors of the darkness, animals with black clothes and violet jewels on it. The Ritual Monsters are all level 4 Warrior-type, and seem like warriors, with black clothes (and violet jewels) that resemble specific animals.


The Ritual Monsters were based on villains who, somehow, are connected to specific animals:

Ritual Monster Villain Animal
Zankai, Master of the Dark Protectors Zen-Aku Wolf
Noroxi, Sage of the Dark Protectors Orochimaru Snake

Playing Style

Because their effects focus on support any DARK Ritual Monsters, the archetype can migrate from a rank 4 strategy to a Ritual strategy. Dark Wolf can Special Summon any level 4 "Dark Protector" monster from your Graveyard, and the effects of Noroxi and Zankai can be used together, like "Clownblade" decks. Some monsters have the effect text "When you Ritual Summon a DARK Ritual Monster, you can banish this card from your Graveyard as one of the monsters required for the Ritual Summon.", like Djinn of Rituals monsters. Their Spell/Trap Cards focus on Ritual Summon, from the Hand or Graveyard.

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