Dark Synchro Monsters (ダークシンクロモンスター (formatted as DS(ダークシンクロ)モンスター exclusively in card text) Dāku Shinkuro Monsutā) are a Type of monster that began as just a dark counterpart to regular Synchro Monsters, but have slowly began to rise into their own exclusive Type. They are Special Summoned by Dark Synchro Summon, using Dark Tuner Monsters with other monsters, much like their "parent" Summon, though the Levels are subtracted rather than added. The color of their card frame is dark gray (darker than that of Token Monsters), reflecting their relation to Synchro Monsters. Dark Synchro Monsters debuted in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Episode 027 and never made it past the first season, though Taylor Gorrell has stated that Dark Synchro Monsters will have an important role in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-7.

Dark Synchro Monsters are not simply DARK Synchro Monsters, but are a completely different monster category, although they are similar to Synchro Monsters. The color scheme of that is opposite of a Synchro Monster, with a dark grey card frame. In works related to Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Dark Synchro Monsters function as Synchro Monsters with negative Levels for any gameplay purposes, and can thus be supported by Synchro Monster support.

Alternate Ruling

In some works outside of 5D's, however, Dark Synchro Monsters are retooled a lot to make them into their own Type, including the removal of the above Summon explanation. The most major change is the lack of the ruling that states that Dark Synchro Monsters function as Synchro Monsters; as such, Dark Synchro Monsters are now completely stand-alone, requiring support for their own Type and being unable to use Synchro Monster support.

This ruling is completely optional and only applies to fan works.

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