A Dark Synchro Summon (ダークシンクロ(しょう)(かん) (formatted as DS(ダークシンクロ)(しょう)(かん) exclusively in card text) Dāku Shinkuro Shoukan) is is the method of Summoning a Dark Synchro Monster. In terms of mechanics, it is considered to be the anti-thesis of regular Synchro Summoning, as instead of requiring a Tuner Monster whose Level is added to the Level(s) of a non-Tuner monster(s) to equal the Synchro Monster's Level, it requires a Dark Tuner Monster whose Level is subtracted from the Level of the non-Tuner monster to equal the Dark Synchro Monster's Negative Level.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and some fan works, a Dark Synchro Summon is treated as a regular Synchro Summon, as proven by episode 52 of 5D's when the effect of "Darksea Rescue" was applied when Greiger used it with Dark Tuner Doom Submarine to Dark Synchro Summon Dark Flat Top.

The animation for this Summon has the Dark Tuner's Level Stars attach to the Material Monsters, turning them into an outline much like regular Synchro Summoning. The Stars inside the monsters are then "eaten" by the Dark Tuner's Stars until none are left, then the remaining Stars turn black, the Material Monsters exploding. The black Stars then move in a circular formation, firing black lightning into their center before darkness covers the area, the Dark Synchro Monster emerging from within.

Alternate Ruling

In some works, though, a different ruling is used that makes Dark Synchro Summoning only trigger support cards that work with Dark Synchro Summons, making them entirely their own Summon rather than just a counterpart to Synchro Summoning. Also, Dark Synchro Monsters that use this ruling are able to use regular Tuner Monsters as Dark Synchro Material Monsters, leaving other Dark Tuner Monsters as the only ineligible other materials.

Works that use this ruling also use a different animation for the Summon: The Dark Tuner's Level Stars, which are already black, arrange themselves in a circle and create what looks like a dark gateway. The Materials fly through the gateway, disintegrating as they do, leaving their Stars behind. The black Stars then fly around in a line like a serpent, "eating" the white Stars while being obliterated as well, then the remaining black Stars merge together, giving off a flash of darkness that the Dark Synchro Monster emerges from.

In Zekons' version, this method is the almost same as Synchro Summon, but has Negative Level which works on Dark Tuner which allows to Synchro Summon to add equal the Dark Synchro Monster's Negative Level unlike the original canon counterpart.

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