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Dark Tuner Monsters (ダークチューナーモンスター (sometimes formatted as DT(ダークチューナー)モンスター exclusively in card text) Dāku Chūnā Monsutā) are required for the Dark Synchro Summon of a Dark Synchro Monster. As opposed to normal Tuner Monsters, which perform Synchro Summons by adding the Levels between themselves and the non-Tuner monsters, Dark Tuner Monsters perform Dark Synchro Summons by subtracting their Levels from the non-Tuner monsters, creating Negative Levels.

Much like their "parent" Type, as well as Pendulum Monsters and Base Monsters, Dark Tuner Monsters are primarily a secondary Type of Effect Monsters, but they can also be a secondary Type of Normal Monsters. Like normal Tuners, there are cards that can treat non-Dark Tuner Monsters as Dark Tuners, including themselves, meaning Dark Tuning, like regular Tuning, is NOT considered an effect, and cannot be negated with cards such as "Skill Drain".

Due to their inverse Summon mechanic, Dark Tuner Monsters are usually high in Level, as opposed to normal Tuners being low in Level, as more Levels would be needed for the subtraction process. There are low-Level Dark Tuners, but they are not recommended for use unless you use support cards that can change non-Tuner monster Levels to Negative Levels (such as "Dark Wave").

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and some fan works, Dark Tuner Monsters act as a subcategory of Tuner Monsters and can thus be affected by cards that affect regular Tuners.

Alternate Ruling

Some fan works, however, remove this ruling completely, making Dark Tuner Monsters a completely stand-alone secondary Type that requires its own support.


All Dark Tuner Monsters in 5D's and related works are also part of an Archetype, also called "Dark Tuner" (DT(ダークチューナー) Dākuchūnā). In some fan works, regardless of which ruling the creator uses, this Archetype no longer exists, but the letters "DT" are adapted into a shorthand notation in card text for the Type; a tactic also used by Synchro Monsters, Dark Synchro Monsters, Xyz Monsters, Pendulum Monsters, Timewarp Monsters, and Spectrum Monsters.