Darkness in the Paradise
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
DITP-EN001 Pixel Snake Common Normal Pendulum Monster
DITP-EN002 Evil HERO Barbarian Goblin Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN003 Snake Hunter Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN004 Goblin Defense Magicians Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DITP-EN005 Goblin Defense Archers Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DITP-EN006 Goblin Reinforcement Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN007 Goblin Strike Legion Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN008 Guardian of the Desert Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN009 Holy Pixie Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DITP-EN010 Vampire Pet Normal Rare Effect Tuner Monster
DITP-EN011 Diamond Sphinx Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN012 Thorter Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
DITP-EN013 Cursed Parshath Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DITP-EN014 Mad Computer Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DITP-EN015 RGY Gadget Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN016 Stone Box Common Effect Tuner Monster
DITP-EN017 B.E.S. Ultra Core MG-1 Normal Rare Effect Monster
DITP-EN018 Cheese Man Normal Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
DITP-EN019 Burning Skull Body Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN020 Horus Cavalier Rare Effect Monster
DITP-EN021 Dark Protector - Dark Shark Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN022 Dark Protector - Dark Mamooth Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN023 Dark Protector - Dark Wolf Super Rare Effect Monster
DITP-EN024 Dark Protector - Dark Crocodile Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN025 Dark Protector - Dark Bear Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN026 Dark Protector - Dark Snake Rare Effect Monster
DITP-EN027 Dark Protector - Dark Gorilla Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN028 Genex Slime Common Normal Pendulum Monster
DITP-EN029 Gusto Ptero Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DITP-EN030 Monster Reactor SKY Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN031 Monster Reactor FIRE Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN032 Phoenix Zombie Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN033 Dark Blade 2 Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN034 Dark Blade 3 Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN035 Yamimakai, Dark Blade Master Super Rare Effect Monster
DITP-EN036 Rescue Robot Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN037 Celtic Guard Apprentice Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN038 Zombie Gate Common Effect Monster
DITP-EN039 Coin Master - Tails Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DITP-EN040 Coin Master - Heads Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DITP-EN041 Archangel Zombie Common Effect Tuner Monster
DITP-EN042 Zankai, Master of the Dark Protectors Rare Effect Ritual Monster
DITP-EN043 Noroxi, Sage of the Dark Protectors Rare Effect Ritual Monster
DITP-EN044 Dark Blade the Yamimakai Master Common Effect Fusion Monster
DITP-EN045 Dark Blade the Ultimate Dragon Master Common Effect Fusion Monster
DITP-EN046 Dark Blade the Dragon Commander Common Effect Fusion Monster
DITP-EN047 Cyber Clown Common Effect Fusion Monster
DITP-EN048 Dino Kabal-Saber Normal Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DITP-EN049 Stone Leviatah Common Effect Synchro Monster
DITP-EN050 Goblin Defender Common Effect Synchro Monster
DITP-EN051 Xyz Hunter Normal Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DITP-EN052 Radioactive Dragon Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DITP-EN053 Dark Protector - Tyrant Wolf Common Effect Xyz Monster
DITP-EN054 Metalsilver Fusion Common Normal Spell Card
DITP-EN055 Metalsilver Energy Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DITP-EN056 Cybernetic Clown Fusion Rare Normal Spell Card
DITP-EN057 Laval Tribe Rare Field Spell Card
DITP-EN058 B.E.S. Invasion Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DITP-EN059 Dark Protector - Protector's Blade Common Equip Spell Card
DITP-EN060 Dark Protector - Dark Ceremony Rare Ritual Spell Card
DITP-EN061 Lucky? Common Normal Spell Card
DITP-EN062 Monsters Advocacy Normal Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DITP-EN063 SKY FIRE Ignition Rare Normal Spell Card
DITP-EN064 Divine Arcane Barrier Common Continuous Spell Card
DITP-EN065 Chronomaly Divine Sacrifice Common Normal Spell Card
DITP-EN066 Fortune Lady Sky Common Field Spell Card
DITP-EN067 Cloudian Infinite Storm Common Continuous Spell Card
DITP-EN068 Dragon Fire Common Counter Trap Card
DITP-EN069 Call of the Dark Protectors Common Continuous Trap Card
DITP-EN070 Soul Reinforcement Normal Rare Normal Trap Card
DITP-EN071 Reptile Reverence Common Normal Trap Card
DITP-EN072 Monster Destruction Bacteria Secret Rare Counter Trap Card
DITP-EN073 Call of the Heroes Normal Rare Normal Trap Card
DITP-EN074 Metalsilver - Dark Sword Slash Common Continuous Trap Card
DITP-EN075 Eternal Snowstorm Rare Continuous Trap Card
DITP-EN076 Amazoness Labyrinth Forest Common Continuous Trap Card
DITP-EN077 Solarphosis Common Normal Trap Card
DITP-EN078 The Fallen King Common Continuous Trap Card
DITP-EN079 Felgrand Strike Common Counter Trap Card
DITP-EN080 Monster Corruption Common Continuous Trap Card
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