Darkness of the Crystals

This booster pack is my own creation I've been working on this pack for a while and I finally finish it. This is Structure Deck focus on Advanced Crystal Beast and Crystal Beast Support cards.


2 Secret Rares

4 Ultimate Rares

5 Ultra Rares

4 Super Rares

7 Rares

19 Common

Darkness of the Crystals
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
SDDC-001 Dark Rainbow Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
SDDC-002 Advanced Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SDDC-003 Advanced Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth Common Effect Monster
SDDC-004 Advanced Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat Common Effect Monster
SDDC-005 Advanced Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger Rare Effect Monster
SDDC-006 Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle Common Effect Monster
SDDC-007 Advanced Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise Common Effect Monster
SDDC-008 Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle Common Effect Monster
SDDC-009 Rainbow Bird Common Effect Monster
SDDC-010 Rainbow Fox Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SDDC-011 Rainbow Dragon of the Sky Secret Rare Effect Monster
SDDC-012 Rainbow Chick Common Effect Monster
SDDC-013 Ying-Yang Rainbow Dragon Common Effect Monster
SDDC-014 Rainbow Dragon of the Wind Super Rare Effect Monster
SDDC-015 Rainbow Dragon 2 Common Effect Monster
SDDC-016 Rainbow Darkness Dragon Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
SDDC-017 Farewell Rainbow Dragon Super Rare Quick-Play Spell
SDDC-018 Crystal Alliance Rare Quick-Play Spell
SDDC-019 Prism Wall Rare Quick-Play Spell
SDDC-020 Crystal Flash Common Quick-Play Spell
SDDC-021 Rainbow's Blessings Common Spell
SDDC-022 Golden Rule Ultra Rare Equip Spell
SDDC-023 Crystal Spring Super Rare Continuous Spell
SDDC-024 E-Force Common Quick-Play Spell
SDDC-025 M-Force Common Quick-Play Spell
SDDC-026 GEM Burst Ultra Rare Spell
SDDC-027 Take Flight Rare Spell
SDDC-028 Triangle Force x3 Common Continuous Spell
SDDC-029 Nightmare Shuffle Common Continuous Spell
SDDC-030 Eternal Reverse Rare Equip Spell
SDDC-031 Duel Gate x3 Common Spell
SDDC-032 Akashic Record Common Spell
SDDC-033 Advanced Dark Ultimate Rare Field Spell
SDDC-034 Delta Barrier x3 Common Continuous Trap
SDDC-035 Crystal Split Rare Trap
SDDC-036 Sapphire Revival Super Rare Trap
SDDC-037 Trap Strap Common Counter-Trap
SDDC-038 Damage Capture Common Trap
SDDC-039 Last Trick Ultra Rare Trap
SDDC-040 The One to be Protected Ultimate Rare Trap
SDDC-041 G-Force Rare Trap
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