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Deck Build Pack - Second Journey is a Deck Build Pack created by Branch. It is the 3rd one in Branch's series, following Deck Build Pack - Ultimate Genesis and followed by Deck Build Pack - Detective's Gambit.


  • Focuses on a hypothetical look at Yu-Gi-Oh! mixed with Danganronpa.
  • Includes cards used by Chihiro Fujisaki, Mikan Tsumiki, and Hayato Yamagishi.
  • Includes members/support of the "Aero", "Digitech" and "Medicaster" archetypes/series.
  • Introduces the "Aero", "Digitech" and "Medicaster" archetypes.


Set no. English Name Japanese Name Rarity Category
DBSJ-EN001 "Digitech" Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN002 "Digitech" Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN003 "Digitech" Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN004 "Digitech" Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN005 "Digitech" Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN006 "Digitech" Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN007 "Digitech" Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN008 Digitech Goglego Effect Fusion Monster
DBSJ-EN009 "Digitech" Fusion Monster
DBSJ-EN010 "Digitech" Spell Card
DBSJ-EN011 "Digitech" Spell Card
DBSJ-EN012 "Digitech" Spell Card
DBSJ-EN013 "Digitech" Trap Card
DBSJ-EN014 "Digitech" Trap Card
DBSJ-EN015 "Digitech" Trap Card
DBSJ-EN016 Medicaster Tylana Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN017 Medicaster Lexipro Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN018 Medicaster Kevzara Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN019 Medicaster Ativa Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN020 Medicaster Gilenia Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN021 Medicaster Viagrina Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN022 Medicaster Xanaxica Effect Tuner Monster
DBSJ-EN023 Medicaster Gonorita Effect Synchro Monster
DBSJ-EN024 Medicaster Nasocoldina Effect Synchro Monster
DBSJ-EN025 Medicaster Anxiella Effect Synchro Monster
DBSJ-EN026 Medicaster Blessed Hospital Field Spell Card
DBSJ-EN027 Medicaster Cursed Hospital Field Spell Card
DBSJ-EN028 Medicaster Rejoice Normal Spell Card
DBSJ-EN029 Medicaster Procedure Continuous Spell Card
DBSJ-EN030 Medicaster Charm Normal Trap Card
DBSJ-EN031 Aero Beast Falcon Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN032 Aero Beast Eagle Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN033 Aero Beast Robin Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN034 Aero Beast Dragonfly Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN035 Aero Beast Wasp Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN036 Aero Machine Helicopter Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN037 Aero Machine Glider Effect Monster
DBSJ-EN038 Aero Machine Pressure Plane Effect Xyz Monster
DBSJ-EN039 Aero Machine Future Taxi Effect Xyz Monster
DBSJ-EN040 Aero Beast Skyfall Dragon Effect Xyz Monster
DBSJ-EN041 Aero Sky Field Spell Card
DBSJ-EN042 Aero Cyclone Quick-Play Spell Card
DBSJ-EN043 Aero Hivehangar Continuous Spell Card
DBSJ-EN044 Aero Rush Normal Trap Card
DBSJ-EN045 Aero Emergency Counter Trap Card