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Deck Build Pack - Ultimate Genesis is a Deck Build Pack created by Branch. It is the 2nd one in Branch's series, following Deck Build Pack - Bounty Warriors and followed by Deck Build Pack - Second Journey.


  • Focuses on a hypothetical look at Yu-Gi-Oh! mixed with Danganronpa.
  • Includes cards used by Kaede Akamatsu, Ryoma Hoshi, & Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu.
  • Includes members/support of the "Angelody", "Tennis" and "Yakrono" archetypes/series.
  • Introduces the "Angelody", "Tennis", and "Yakrono" archetypes.


Set no. English Name Japanese Name Rarity Category
DBUG-JP001 Angelody Legala Effect Monster
DBUG-JP002 Angelody Tenuta Effect Monster
DBUG-JP003 Angelody - Debussi Effect Pendulum Monster
DBUG-JP004 Angelody Staccata Effect Pendulum Monster
DBUG-JP005 Angelody Mezzo Effect Pendulum Monster
DBUG-JP006 Angelody Forti Effect Pendulum Monster
DBUG-JP007 Angelody Solfèga Effect Tuner Pendulum Monster
DBUG-JP008 Angelody - Bachann Effect Fusion Monster
DBUG-JP009 Angelody - Chopina Effect Synchro Monster
DBUG-JP010 Angelody - Kodalita Effect Xyz Monster
DBUG-JP011 Angelody Heaven Field Spell Card
DBUG-JP012 Angelody Pentascale Normal Spell Card
DBUG-JP013 Angelody Dynamics Normal Spell Card
DBUG-JP014 Angelody Hope Normal Trap Card
DBUG-JP015 Angelody Serenade Normal Trap Card
DBUG-JP016 Tennis Pro - Smasher Effect Monster
DBUG-JP017 Tennis Pro - Overtaker Effect Monster
DBUG-JP018 Tennis Pro - Guardian Effect Monster
DBUG-JP019 Tennis Pro - Volleyer Effect Monster
DBUG-JP020 Tennis Pro - Crosser Effect Monster
DBUG-JP021 Tennis Pro - Saver Effect Monster
DBUG-JP022 Tennis Pro - Rookie Effect Monster
DBUG-JP023 Tennis Master - Sadal Effect Link Monster
DBUG-JP024 Tennis Master - Willow Effect Link Monster
DBUG-JP025 Tennis Master - Conway Effect Link Monster
DBUG-JP026 Wingfield's Court Field Spell Card
DBUG-JP027 Pro's Comeback Normal Trap Card
DBUG-JP028 Panic Evasion Normal Trap Card
DBUG-JP029 Return Shot Counter Trap Card
DBUG-JP030 Match Point Normal Trap Card
DBUG-JP031 Yakrono Punisher Effect Monster
DBUG-JP032 Yakrono Assassin Effect Monster
DBUG-JP033 Yakrono Bodyguard Effect Monster
DBUG-JP034 Yakrono Corrupter Effect Monster
DBUG-JP035 Yakrono Hacker Effect Monster
DBUG-JP036 Yakrono Dragon Tamer Effect Monster
DBUG-JP037 Yakrono Broker Effect Tuner Monster
DBUG-JP038 Yakrono Execution Dragon Effect Fusion Monster
DBUG-JP039 Yakrono Dragon Effect Fusion Monster
DBUG-JP040 Yakrono Crime Lord Effect Synchro Monster
DBUG-JP041 Yakrono Underground Field Spell Card
DBUG-JP042 Yakrono Fusion Normal Spell Card
DBUG-JP043 Yakrono Initiation Normal Spell Card
DBUG-JP044 Yakrono Loyalty Continuous Spell Card
DBUG-JP045 Yakrono Bribe Counter Trap Card