Destiny HERO - Dart Master
Creator Draugmoth
Attribute Dark Dark
Type(s) [ Warrior/Effect ]
Level 3 Level2Level2Level2
ATK / DEF 600 / 200
When this card is Summoned: add 1 "Destiny Dart Counter" to this card for every Counter Trap Card in your Graveyard. Every time a Spell or Trap Card is sent to the Graveyard: add 1 Destiny Dart Counter to this card. This monster gains 600 ATK for every Destiny Dart Counter on it. During your Main Phase: remove 1 Destiny Dart Counter from this card; activate one of the following effects:

● Destroy 1 Level 3 or lower monster on the field.
● Draw 1 card.

Sets Hero (Draugmoth)
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