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Dimension Competition is a Booster Pack. It is the 13th one in Branch's series, following Chiming Blossoms and followed by Twilight Wonderland.



Set no. English Name Japanese Name Rarity Category
DICO-EN001 Performapal Party Toucannon Effect Pendulum Monster
DICO-EN002 Black Luster Mage Effect Monster
DICO-EN003 Whimsical Elf Effect Tuner Monster
DICO-EN004 Zeta The Magnet Warrior Effect Monster
DICO-EN005 White Flame Swordsman Effect Monster
DICO-EN006 Red-Eyes Flame Swordsman Effect Monster
DICO-EN007 Red-Eyes Swordsman of Landstar Effect Monster
DICO-EN008 "Harpie" Pendulum Monster
DICO-EN009 "Harpie" Pendulum Monster
DICO-EN010 Nile Slime Effect Monster
DICO-EN011 Magma Golem Effect Monster
DICO-EN012 Blackfin Tunar Effect Tuner Monster
DICO-EN013 Boronnigon Effect Monster
DICO-EN014 Fossil Fighter Effect Monster
DICO-EN015 Amber Raptor Effect Monster
DICO-EN016 "Cloudian" Effect Monster
DICO-EN017 Morphtronic Refrigeran Effect Monster
DICO-EN018 Sunshine Pegasus Effect Monster
DICO-EN019 Key Mace Unlocker Effect Tuner Monster
DICO-EN020 Fortune Lady Ventus Effect Monster
DICO-EN021 Fortune Lady Aqua Effect Monster
DICO-EN022 Spacecraft Rescuer Effect Monster
DICO-EN023 "Dyson" Effect Monster
DICO-EN024 Star Seraph Spirit Effect Monster
DICO-EN025 Star Seraph Soldier Effect Monster
DICO-EN026 Umbral Horror Zombie Effect Monster
DICO-EN027 Armatos Legio Scipio Effect Monster
DICO-EN028 Stormrider Crowane Effect Monster
DICO-EN029 G Golem Crag Mammoth Effect Monster
DICO-EN030 Appliancer Remoth Effect Monster
DICO-EN031 Appliancer Leafblowfish Effect Monster
DICO-EN032 Fortress Whale - Fully Loaded Effect Ritual Monster
DICO-EN033 Performapal Wall Spider Effect Fusion Monster
DICO-EN034 Dark Magician the Legendary Warrior Effect Fusion Monster
DICO-EN035 Mist Dragon Effect Fusion Monster
DICO-EN036 Cloudian - Tornadous Effect Fusion Monster
DICO-EN037 "Performapal" Synchro Monster
DICO-EN038 Giant Jelly Roger Effect Synchro Monster
DICO-EN039 "Morphtronic" Synchro Monster Effect Synchro Monster
DICO-EN040 Ancient Spiritual Fairy Dragon Effect Synchro Monster
DICO-EN041 "Fortune Lady" Synchro Monster
DICO-EN042 "Infernity" Synchro Monster
DICO-EN043 "Performapal" Xyz Monster
DICO-EN044 Dyson Nebulaser Effect Xyz Monster
DICO-EN045 "Umbral Horror" Xyz Monster
DICO-EN046 Armatos Legio Phalanx Effect Xyz Monster
DICO-EN047 Tindangle Formulic Elf Effect Link Monster
DICO-EN048 Lunalight Monkey Dancer Effect Link Monster
DICO-EN049 Windwitch - Frazil Bell Effect Link Monster
DICO-EN050 Performapal Present Normal Spell Card
DICO-EN051 Chaos Soldier Ultima Ritual Ritual Spell Card
DICO-EN052 Red-Eyes Battle Helmet Equip Spell Card
DICO-EN053 Harpie's Feather Tactics Continuous Spell Card
DICO-EN054 Bonding Basics Quick-Play Spell Card
DICO-EN055 Outback Fossil Museum Field Spell Card
DICO-EN056 Cloudian Fusion Normal Spell Card
DICO-EN057 Synchro Staircase Continuous Spell Card
DICO-EN058 Star Seraph Strike Normal Spell Card
DICO-EN059 "Umbral Horror" Spell Card
DICO-EN060 "Umbral Horror" Spell Card
DICO-EN061 Lyrilusc - Bird Lance Equip Spell Card
DICO-EN062 Lyrilusc - Bird Hatch Normal Spell Card
DICO-EN063 Armatos Grail Normal Spell Card
DICO-EN064 "Stormrider" Spell Card
DICO-EN065 Gravity Mountain Field Spell Card
DICO-EN066 Appliancer Removal Normal Spell Card
DICO-EN067 Magical Revelation Normal Trap Card
DICO-EN068 Right On Time Normal Trap Card
DICO-EN069 Harpie Screeching Ambush Normal Trap Card
DICO-EN070 Iron Maiden Continuous Trap Card
DICO-EN071 Bonding 101 Continuous Trap Card
DICO-EN072 Fossil Frenzy Fusion Normal Trap Card
DICO-EN073 Cloudian Puff Counter Trap Card
DICO-EN074 "Morphtronic" Trap Card
DICO-EN075 Fortunate Synchro Normal Trap Card
DICO-EN076 Asteroid Belt Continuous Trap Card
DICO-EN077 Star Seraph Signal Normal Trap Card
DICO-EN078 "Umbral Horror" Trap Card
DICO-EN079 Armatos Supplier Normal Trap Card
DICO-EN080 Gravity Strategy Normal Trap Card