Archetype Information
Name Divinity
Kanji ディヴィニティ
Phonetic Diviniti
Appears In Yugioh DQ

One of the Divinity, Divinity Queen


Divinity monsters are an archetype consisting of LIGHT monsters and various support cards. Some of the cards' artwork is done by Jadenkaiba. These cards are also featured in the Yugioh DQ Manga, where they are used by Jill Ashford.

Playing Style

Divinity monsters are cards primarily used to Special Summoning more monsters into play. Other Divinity monsters have their effects activated when they are only Special Summoned.


Since Divinity are more likely to Special Summon, cards like Horn of Heaven, Black Horn of Heaven and cards that negates Special Summoning and anti-LIGHT support cards can be a pain to a Divinity Deck.

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