Dragon monsters are a powerful Type to contend with, often focusing on brute ATK strength and Fusion monsters, but most have special effects that add to their devastation.

As of now, the highest ATK monsters in the game, "Dragon Master Knight" and "Five-Headed Dragon" are Dragons. In addition, the most powerful Normal Monster is also a Dragon; "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" and "Rainbow Dragon" are also noticeable. Plus two monsters of powerful LV series, Armed Dragon LV10 and Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 are also Dragon Types.

Dragons also have their own two Structure Decks, Structure Deck 1: Dragon's Roar and Structure Deck 13: Revival of the Great Dragon, whose TCG counterpart is Structure Deck: Rise of the Dragon Lords.

To date there are no Flip Effect Dragon-Type monsters.

Notable Dragon-Type Monsters
* Blizzard Dragon

Support Cards
* Lord of D.

* Dragon Manipulator
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