"Dragon Spirit" (竜霊(りゅうれい) Ryūrei) is an Archetype of Dragon-Type monsters of all six Attributes created by Taylor Gorrell, with the visual appearance of elementally-aligned dragonic ghosts. They are mostly Level 4 with two Level 8 Base Monsters and 2 Quality 8 Composition Monsters. Each of their ATK and DEF stats (except the Compositions) add up to 2500. They focus on the Composition Summoning of Quality 8 Dragon-Type monsters, especially their two ace cards: "Spirio, Purple Dragon Ruler of Dragon Spirits" and "Sairinda, Black Dragon Ruler of Dragon Spirits". The current Dragon Spirits (except Purple, Black, Spirio, and Sairinda) are named after elements that are breath powers in the Spyro the Dragon video game series and/or are elements used by Dragon Slayer Mages in the Fairy Tale anime/manga series.

Other ideas for non-Base and non-Composition Dragon Spirits are accepted.

Play Style

The Dragon Spirits revolve around Special Summoning themselves from the Deck and dumping themselves into the Graveyard for Dragon-Type Composition Summons, which the two Base Monsters of the series can only be used for.

There are always two non-Base "Dragon Spirits" that have the exact same effect, making multiple pairs, but if said effect involves one of the two Base Monsters, the two monsters' effects will each relate to only one of them.

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