Dreamer Monsters are a new type of Monster Card used in the series Yu-Gi-Oh! CLYR. They can be Special Summoned by Dream Summon, and—unlike most other custom cards—reside in the Main Deck. The Card frame is pink and covered in stars.

Dreamer Monsters do not have Levels or Ranks, but Nebulas, which—like Ranks and Negative Stars—start from the left instead of the right. Like Ranks, Nebulas can be any number between 0 and 13. This isnt the only thing that makes Dreamer Monsters unique: rather than having their ATK and DEF points count up in increments of 100, Dreamers count up in increments of 10; while it’s possible for a Dreamer Monster to have an ATK and/or DEF of 0, there’s absolutely no chance (so far) of having a Dreamer with a stat ending in ‘00’ (100, 500, 1000, 1500, etc.).

Not only that, but they also gain access to the brand new DREAM Attribute, and also a new monster Type: Cosmic.

Dreamer Monsters are described as “a miraculous evolution from the Dreamscape” and the “perfect form of Monsters”, as in, these are the forms that Monsters take at their highest possible potential or hope to one day achieve. In Yu-Gi-Oh! CLYR, only those with the purest hearts and the highest levels of hope can use Dreamer cards.

The way a Dream Summon works is that you select the required Monsters listed on the card (referred to as “Sleep Material”) and send them to the Graveyard, to Special Summon said Dreamer Monster from your hand. There are very few cards or even monsters that will state that your opponent’s monsters can be used for Dream Summon as well. Using a Dreamer Monster’s effects will sometimes require banishing (referred to as “Erasing”) the Sleep Material(s) from your Graveyard.

Dreamer Monsters cannot be played in the Extra Monster Zone, but can be played in the Spell/Trap Zone (treated as Continuous Trap Cards) and cannot Attack/be attacked if a monster in the Main Monster Zone is in front of them. Further, you can only move one of them at a time from the Spell/Trap Zone to the Main Monster Zone (and vice versa) during your Main Phase 2.

Dreamer Monsters cannot attack unless there’s a non-Dreamer Monster on your side of the field in the Main or Extra Monster Zone, and neither player can have more than 3 Dreamer Monsters on their side of the field. Certain Monsters, however (referred to as “Daydreamers”), have effects that allow them to be treated as Effect Monsters with a Level the same value as their Nebula under special conditions to circumvent this. When a Dreamer Monster is destroyed, it’s sent to the bottom of the owner’s Deck instead of their Graveyard (unless banished or returned to the hand).

Lastly, the Dreamer-Pendulums, which are functionally the same as Pendulums, but their Pendulum Scale is also applicable for Nebulas as well as Levels.

Example Card Frame

Dreamer Monster Card
Dreamer-Pendulum Monster Card
Dreamer-Equilibrium Monster Card
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