English Set Name: Duelist Pack-Rakum Gensutku

TCG Set Prefix: DPGU

TCG Release Date: Unknown

Cover Card : ?


Second Duelist Pack of the Reverse Hazards series.

Latest cards from the Reverse Hazards new season included.

New cards used by Rakum Gensutku. Also, tons of new Sealife monsters that will appear in the new season.

Most anticipated cards includes Wave Dragon, Underwater Dragon and Shark Whale

This Pack also includes new Support to Aqua-Type Monsters

New Synchro monsters to support the Sealife Archetype.

6 cards per pack, 24 packs per box

This DP is followed by ?

DPGU-EN001 Sealife Basal- Zombie Fish

DPGU-EN002 Sealife Basal- Turtle Mausoleum

DPGU-EN003 Sealife Basal- Bloody Whale

DPGU-EN004 Sealife Basal- Hatred Alligator

DPGU-EN005 Sealife Basal- Swordfish Shield

DPGU-EN006 Sealife Evolved- Plasma Ray

DPGU-EN007 Sealife Evolved- Shark Slayer

DPGU-EN008 Sealife Basal- Heyvay Bear

DPGU-EN009 Sealife Basal- Ice Spectre

DPGU-EN010 Wave Dragon

DPGU-EN011 Underwater Dragon

DPGU-EN012 Sealife Basal- Ice Statue

DPGU-EN013 Sealife Basal- Weeding Root

DPGU-EN014 Sealife Basal- Sun Dolphin

DPGU-EN015 Shark Whale

DPGU-EN016 Sealife Basal- White Bear

DPGU-EN017 Sealife Evolved- Spike Lionfish

DPGU-EN018 Ice Fortress

DPGU-EN019 Aqua Castle

DPGU-EN020 Ice Life

DPGU-EN021 Snow Castle

DPGU-EN022 Seawall Passage

DPGU-EN023 Inside the Sea

DPGU-EN024 Search for Water

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