English Set Name: Duelist Pack-Riot Gensutku

TCG Set Prefix: DPRG

TCG Release Date: Unknown

Cover Card : ?


First Duelist Pack of the Reverse Hazards series.

Latest cards from the Reverse Hazards new season included.

New cards used by Riot Gensutku. Also, tons of new Ground Taker monsters that will appear in the new season.

Most anticipated cards includes Ground Dragon, Ragnarok Dragon and Ground Taker- Dust Wolf

This Pack also includes new Support to Warrior-Type Monsters

New Synchro monsters to support the Ground Taker Archetype.

6 cards per pack, 24 packs per box

This DP is followed by Duelist Pack-Rakum Gensutku

DPRG-EN001 Ground Taker- Thorn Cactus

DPRG-EN002 Ground Taker- Flying Dragon

DPRG-EN003 Ground Taker- Terra Lizard

DPRG-EN004 Ground Taker- Reinforcer

DPRG-EN005 Ground Taker- Ice Tree

DPRG-EN006 Ragnarok Dragon

DPRG-EN007 Ground Dragon

DPRG-EN008 Ground Taker- White Lion

DPRG-EN009 Ground Taker- Ancient Centaur

DPRG-EN010 Ground Taker- Shell Snail

DPRG-EN011 Ground Taker- Night Wolf

DPRG-EN012 Ground Taker- Inferno Hands

DPRG-EN013 Ground Taker- Mammoth Warrior

DPRG-EN014 Ground Taker- Radiant Insect

DPRG-EN015 Ground Taker- Dust Wolf

DPRG-EN016 Ancient Pot

DPRG-EN017 Lost Island

DPRG-EN018 Moon Control

DPRG-EN019 Bridge Cave

DPRG-EN020 Poison Ring

DPRG-EN021 High Sky

DPRG-EN022 Solar Web

DPRG-EN023 Ying Yang

DPRG-EN024 Dragon Mayhem

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