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"Duelist Pack: Aikawa" is the first Duelist Pack created by Bakura Aikawa from Tan Corporation as their third Duelist Pack. It is the third Booster Pack released by the Corporation. It consists mainly of "Primal" monsters with their new support cards which mostly appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh W, used by Aikawa.

Set Specifications
  • Set Name: Duelist Pack: Aikawa
  • Set Prefix: DP03
  • Release Date: Unknown
  • Legal for Local Events: Never
  • Legal for Premier Events: Never
  • Cover Card: Bakura Aikawa & Dual Blader Kaiser
  • Sneak Preview Participant Card: Kaiser Token
  • 5 cards per pack, 30 packs per box.
  • Includes 30 cards.
    • 2 Ultimate Rare
    • 4 Super Rare
    • 9 Rare
    • 15 Common
  • Introduce new monster used in Yu-Gi-Oh W by Bakura Aikawa and his identical ancestor, Chen Guohui.
  • Credits
    • Yu-Gi-Oh Template (Fan Made) made by DG.
    • Cover Card Art (monster) from Anime Hack//.
Duelist Pack: Yuri
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Kanji Card Type Rarity
DP03-EN001 Monster Ultimate Rare
DP03-EN002 Primal Force Blader 【原始・力ブレーダー】 Monster Super Rare
DP03-EN003 Primal Werewolf 【原始・人狼】 Monster Super Rare
DP03-EN004 Primal Protector 【原始・プロテクター】 Monster Rare
DP03-EN005 Dual Blader Kaiser 【二重ブレード・カイザー】 Monster Ultimate Rare
DP03-EN006 Primal Pandaman 【原始・パンダマン】 Monster Common
DP03-EN007 Primal Pandawoman 【原始・パンダウーマン】 Monster Common
DP03-EN008 Primal Scientist 【原始・科学者】 Monster Rare
DP03-EN009 Primal Tiny Ninja 【原始・小さな忍者】 Monster Common
DP03-EN010 Primal Hypnotist 【原始・催眠術師】 Monster Common
DP03-EN011 Primal Giant 【原始・巨人】 Monster Common
DP03-EN012 Primal Flame Knight 【原始・炎の騎士】 Monster Rare
DP03-EN013 Primal Collector 【原始・コレクター】 Monster Rare
DP03-EN014 Primal Mounted Archer 【原始・マウント射手】 Monster Rare
DP03-EN015 Primal Spearman 【原始・スピアマン】 Monster Rare
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