These are Alex's best cards in the series "The Real Dimension". This pack also includes 5 new cards.

Card Listings

DPA-EN001: Alpha the Magnet Warrior

DPA-EN002: Beta the Magnet Warrior

DPA-EN003: Gamma the Magnet Warrior

DPA-EN004: Catalyst Reactor

DPA-EN005: Catalyst Blaster

DPA-EN006: Catalyst Converter

DPA-EN007: Hydrogeddon

DPA-EN008: Oxygeddon

DPA-EN009: Catalyst Nova

DPA-EN010: Magnesium Chloride Warmonger

DPA-EN011: Hydrogen Reactor

DPA-EN012: Oxygen Reactor

DPA-EN013: Valkyrion the Magna Warrior

DPA-EN014: Plasma Warrior Eitom

DPA-EN015: Water Dragon

DPA-EN016: Internal Combustion Dragon

DPA-EN017: Bonding - H2O

DPA-EN018: Magnesium-Hydrochloric Reaction

DPA-EN019: Magnetic Compass Alteration

DPA-EN020: Atomic Production

DPA-EN021: Periodic Table Conversion

DPA-EN022: Negate Attack

DPA-EN023: Catalyst Burn Wipeout

DPA-EN024: Defence Plan - Delta

DPA-EN025: Swallow Reversal

DPA-EN026: Neutron Block

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