• Now introducing the second dueling pack based on the fan made series "Yu-Gi-Oh! Legends of Ocrax Island", comes Duelist Pack: Alysia! This pack is based on the secondary protagonist of the series, Alysia Sunvale, who uses the interesting "Heack-Heack" archetype. She also uses other cards such as Last Stand and her ace, Heack-Heack Sky Paladin! The pack consists of 30 cards.
Set Specifications
  • Set Name: Duelist Pack: Alysia
  • Set Prefix: DP02
  • Release Date: October 4, 2012
  • Cover Card: Alysia Sunvale & Heack-Heack Sky Paladin
  • Sneak Preview Participant Card: "Heack-Heack Tripod"
  • 5 cards per pack, 24 packs ber box
  • Includes 30 cards, consisting of:
    • 2 Ultra Rare
    • 4 Super Rare
    • 9 Rare
    • 15 Common
  • Introduces "Heack-Heack" archetype.
Duelist Pack - Jackalton
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
DP02-EN001 Heack-Heack Sky Paladin Ultra Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
DP02-EN002 Heack-Heack Star & Moon Team Ultra Rare Xyz/Effect Monster
DP02-EN003 Heack-Heack Metal Doctor Super Rare Effect Monster
DP02-EN004 Heack-Heack Brave Warrior Super Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
DP02-EN005 Heack-Heack Grain Egg Super Rare Tuner/Effect Monster
DP02-EN006 A Shining Hope Super Rare Normal Spell
DP02-EN007 Heack-Heack Twin Fairies Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
DP02-EN008 Heack-Heack Tin Nurse Rare Effect Monster
DP02-EN009 Heack-Heack Winter Snowman Rare Effect Monster
DP02-EN010 Snow Snow Wonderland Rare Field Spell
DP02-EN011 Heack-Heack Twin Pawns Rare Effect Monster
DP02-EN012 Heack-Heack Energy Tree Rare Effect Monster
DP02-EN013 Thunder Healer Rare Effect Monster
DP02-EN014 Heack-Heack Wonderhouse Rare Quick-Play Spell
DP02-EN015 Heack-Heack Wonder Soldier Rare Tuner/Effect Monster
DP02-EN016 Heack-Heack Cookie Fighter Common Tuner/Effect Monster
DP02-EN017 Heack-Heack Battery Force Common Effect Monster
DP02-EN018 Heack-Heack Toy Knight Common Effect Monster
DP02-EN019 Heack-Heack Spell Wand Common Equip Spell
DP02-EN020 Heack-Heack Wonderhouse Common Quick-Play Spell
DP02-EN021 Heack-Heack Sting Common Normal Trap
DP02-EN022 Last Stand Common Quick-Play Spell
DP02-EN023 Heack-Heack Bright Apple Common Effect Monster
DP02-EN024 Returning Policy Common Conitnuous Trap
DP02-EN025  ???? Common  ????
DP02-EN026  ???? Common  ????
DP02-EN027  ???? Common  ????
DP02-EN028  ???? Common  ????
DP02-EN029  ???? Common  ????
DP02-EN030  ???? Common  ????
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