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Duelist Pack: Bakura is the fourteenth set in the TCG's Duelist Pack series.


The set features cards used by Ryo Bakura.


Each pack of Duelist Pack: Bakura contains 5 cards and each box contains 30 packs. There are 30 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:


Duelist Pack: Bakura
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
DPBK-EN001 Headless Knight Common Normal Monster
DPBK-EN002 The Earl of Demise Common Normal Monster
DPBK-EN003 The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams Common Normal Monster
DPBK-EN004 The Portrait's Secret Common Normal Monster
DPBK-EN005 Earthbound Spirit Common Normal Monster
DPBK-EN006 Dark Necrofear Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SDBK-EN007 Doomcaliber Knight Super Rare Effect Monster
DPBK-EN008 Dark Ruler Ha Des Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DPBK-EN009 Jowgen the Spiritualist Rare Effect Monster
DPBK-EN010 Puppet Master Rare Effect Monster
DPBK-EN011 Necroface Rare Effect Monster
DPBK-EN012 Sangan Rare Effect Monster
DPBK-EN013 Morphing Jar Super Rare Effect Monster
DPBK-EN014 Man-Eater Bug Common Effect Monster
DPBK-EN015 Goblin Zombie Rare Effect Monster
DPBK-EN016 White Magical Hat Common Effect Monster
DPBK-EN017 Gernia Common Effect Monster
DPBK-EN018 Dark Designator Common Normal Spell
DPBK-EN019 Change of Heart Super Rare Normal Spell
DPBK-EN020 Premature Burial Super Rare Equip Spell
DPBK-EN021 Spirit Message "I" Common Continuous Spell
DPBK-EN022 Spirit Message "N" Common Continuous Spell
DPBK-EN023 Spirit Message "A" Common Continuous Spell
DPBK-EN024 Spirit Message "L" Common Continuous Spell
DPBK-EN025 The Dark Door Common Continuous Spell
DPBK-EN026 Just Desserts Common Normal Trap
DPBK-EN027 Destiny Board Rare Normal Trap
DPBK-EN028 Dark Spirit of the Silent Common Normal Trap
DPBK-EN029 Call of the Earthbound Common Normal Spell
DPBK-EN030 Zoma the Spirit Rare Continuous Trap