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"Duelist Pack: Guoxing" is the second Duelist Pack from Tan Corporation, created by Yuri. It is the second Booster Pack released by the Corporation. It consists mainly the archtype monsters called "Virus" with their support cards which appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh W, used by Guoxing. It is notable that these cards are sooner used by Bakura Yuri, his descendant that almost completely identical to him.

Set Specifications
DP03 Pack
  • Set Name: Duelist Pack: Guoxing
  • Set Prefix: DP02
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Legal for Local Events: Never
  • Legal for Premier Events: Never
  • Cover Card: Chen Guoxing & Virus Golden King
  • Sneak Preview Participant Card: Roran Emperor
  • 5 cards per pack, 15 packs per box.
  • Includes 30 cards, excluded 1 Bonus Replica Card which will be given for any purchase of a booster box.
    • 2 Secret Rare
    • 4 Super Rare
    • 9 Rare
    • 15 Common
  • Introduce the older Virus Archtype used in Yu-Gi-Oh W by Chen Guoxing.
  • Credits
    • Yu-Gi-Oh Template (Fan Made) made by DG.
    • Cover Card Art from Fate/Stay Night, Gilgamesh.
Duelist Pack: Guoxing
(FCG - English / Japanese)
Set Number Card Name Kanji Card Type Rarity
DP02-EN001 Virus Golden King 【ウイルス・金色の帝】 Monster Secret Rare
DP02-EN002 Virus Dragon Knight 【ウイルス・ドラゴンナイト】 Monster Super Rare
DP02-EN003 Virus Priestess 【ウイルス・巫女】 Monster Super Rare
DP02-EN004 Virus Wight King 【ウイルス・ワイトキング】 Monster Super Rare
DP02-EN005 Kuriwisp 【クリウィスプ】 Monster Rare
DP02-EN006 Virus Golden Hawk 【ウイルス・金色の鷹】 Monster Rare
DP02-EN007 Virus Gardna 【ウイルス・ガードナー】 Monster Rare
DP02-EN008 Amethyst Soul Knight 【アメジスト・魂の騎士】 Monster Rare
DP02-EN009 Virus Warlock 【アメジスト・ワーロック】 Monster Rare
DP02-EN010 Monster
DP02-EN011 Monster
DP02-EN012 Monster
DP02-EN013 Monster
DP02-EN014 Virus Energizer Frog 【ウイルス・エナジャイザー・ガエル】 Monster Common
DP02-EN015 Virus Archfiend 【ウイルス・デーモン】 Monster Common
DP02-EN016 Spell
DP02-EN017 Spell
DP02-EN018 Spell
DP02-EN019 Spell
DP02-EN020 Spell
DP02-EN021 Trap
DP02-EN022 Trap
DP02-EN023 Trap
DP02-EN024 Trap
DP02-EN025 Trap
DP02-EN026 Trap
DP02-EN027 Trap
DP02-EN028 Trap
DP02-EN029 Trap
DP02-EN030 Trap
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