• Now introducing the first dueling pack based on the fan made series "Yu-Gi-Oh! Legends of Ocrax Island", comes Duelist Pack: Jackalton! This pack is based on the main protagonist of the series, Jackalton Armadon, who uses the powerful "PowerGami" archetype. He also uses other cards such as Kurijet and his ace, Xyz Spirit - Cosmic the Warrior! The pack consists of 30 cards.
Set Specifications
  • Set Name: Duelist Pack: Jackalton
  • Set Prefix: DP01
  • Release Date: October 4, 2012
  • Cover Card: Jackalton Armadon & Xyz Spirit - Cosmic the Warrior
  • Sneak Preview Participant Card: "Xyz Spirit Servant"
  • 5 cards per pack, 24 packs ber box
  • Includes 30 cards, consisting of:
    • 2 Ultra Rare
    • 4 Super Rare
    • 9 Rare
    • 15 Common
  • Introduces "PowerGami" archetype.
Duelist Pack - Jackalton
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
DP01-EN001 PowerGami Golden Swordsmaster Ultra Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
DP01-EN002 Xyz Spirit - Cosmic the Warrior Ultra Rare Xyz/Effect Monster
DP01-EN003 PowerGami Dimension Cube Super Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
DP01-EN004 PowerGami Advance Dragon Super Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
DP01-EN005 PowerGami Cyber End Blaster Super Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
DP01-EN006 PowerGami Infernal Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
DP01-EN007 PowerGami Camouflage Snake Rare Effect Monster
DP01-EN008 PowerGami Blazing Crane Rare Effect Monster
DP01-EN009 PowerGami Metropolis Rare Field Spell
DP01-EN010 Kurijet Rare Effect Monster
DP01-EN011 Paper Box Gift Rare Normal Spell
DP01-EN012 PowerGami Meta Cannon Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
DP01-EN013 PowerGami Swordsmaster Rare Effect Monster
DP01-EN014 PowerGami Castle Gates Rare Tuner/Effect Monster
DP01-EN015 PowerGami Sky Hummingbird Rare Tuner/Effect Monster
DP01-EN016 PowerGami Battleship Common Effect Monster
DP01-EN017 PowerGami Tank Common Effect Monster
DP01-EN018 PowerGami Stone Turtle Common Effect Monster
DP01-EN019 PowerGami PureSoul Common Effect Monster
DP01-EN020 PowerGami Marine Mermaid Common Tuner/Effect Monster
DP01-EN021 PowerGami Shadow Gear Common Effect Monster
DP01-EN022 PowerGami Toxic Rose Common Effect Monster
DP01-EN023 PowerGami Night Plane Common Normal Monster
DP01-EN024 PowerGami Rocket Boost Common Equip Spell
DP01-EN024 PowerGami Barrel Sniper Common Equip Spell
DP01-EN026 Paper Pumpkin Counter Common Counter Trap
DP01-EN027 PowerGami Return Message Common Continuous Trap
DP01-EN028 PowerGami Cosmic Stars Common Continuous Trap
DP01-EN029 Heliotropic Warrior Common Effect Monster
DP01-EN030 Burgundy Warrior Common Effect Monster
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