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Duelist Pack: Shiyuki Tahita is the second of XBrain130's sets, succeeding of the Space Invasion Fleet Structure Deck, and his only Duelist Pack until the Duelist Pack: ZEXAL Girls two years later.



Each pack of Duelist Pack: Shiyuki Tahita contains 5 cards. There are 41 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:


Set no. English name Japanese name Rarity Category
DPSH-EN001 Space Master of Banishment 除外のスペース・マスター Common Effect Monster
DPSH-EN002 Space Star - White Dwarf 宇宙星-白色矮星 Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
DPSH-EN003 Space Vilevern 宇宙悪飛竜 Rare Effect Monster
DPSH-EN004 Space Starship M5 - Split Jaguar 宇宙船M5-SPLIT JAGUAR Common Effect Monster
DPSH-EN005 Space Star - Yellow Dwarf 宇宙星-黄色矮星 Common Effect Monster
DPSH-EN006 Space Star - Magnetar 宇宙星-磁気星 Common Effect Monster
DPSH-EN007 Acid Space Predator 酸の宇宙捕食者 Common Flip monster
DPSH-EN008 Space Star - White Giant 宇宙星-白色巨星 Rare Effect Tuner monster
DPSH-EN009 Twin-Headed Space Solar Dragon/Assault Mode 双頭の宇宙太陽竜/バスター Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DPSH-EN010 Berserk Space Dragon バーサーク・デッドスペース・ドラゴン Super Rare Effect Monster
DPSH-EN011 Paladin of Space Dragon 宇宙竜の聖騎士 Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
DPSH-EN012 Final Giant Cosmic Galaxy 究極巨大天地銀河 Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DPSH-EN013 Space Starship X - Cluster 宇宙船X-CLUSTER Common Effect Fusion Monster
DPSH-EN014 Comet Ice Space Dragon 彗星氷の宇宙竜 Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DPSH-EN015 Triple Cosmic Dragoon 三重の天地龍 Ultimate Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DPSH-EN016 Twin-Headed Space Solar Dragon 双頭の宇宙太陽竜 Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
DPSH-EN017 Space Prominence Magician 宇宙紅炎の魔術師 Super Rare Effect Tuner Synchro Monster
DPSH-EN018 Tri-Headed Cosmic Solar Dragoon 参頭の天地太陽龍 Ultimate Rare Effect Synchro Monster
DPSH-EN019 Space Starship X - Unknown Object 宇宙船X-UNKNOWN OBJECT Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DPSH-EN020 Star-Eyes Wyvern 星眼の飛竜 Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DPSH-EN021 Cluster-Eyes Drake 星団眼の小竜 Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DPSH-EN022 Space Lord Celes 宇宙帝セレス Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DPSH-EN023 Number iC130: Cosmos-Eyes Ultimate Dimension Dragoon CiNo.130 天地眼の究極次元大龍 Ultimate Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DPSH-EN024 Space Cluster 宇宙の星団 Rare Normal Spell
DPSH-EN025 Galaxy Fusion 銀河融合 Common Normal Spell
DPSH-EN026 Chaotic Space 混沌宇宙 Common Continuous Spell
DPSH-EN027 CODENAME: "Space" CODENAME:「SPACE」 Common Equip Spell
DPSH-EN028 Zero Defense 零守備 Common Quick-Play Spell
DPSH-EN029 Spatial Dragon Ritual 宇宙竜降臨 Common Ritual Spell
DPSH-EN030 Space Fusion 宇宙融合 Rare Normal Spell
DPSH-EN031 Rank-Up-Magic - Double Space Force RUM-進化なる宇宙の力 Super Rare Normal Spell
DPSH-EN032 Emergency Spell 緊急魔法 Common Normal Spell
DPSH-EN033 Space Assault スペース・バスター Common Quick-Play Spell
DPSH-EN034 Trap Enchant マジカル・トラップ Ultra Rare Normal Spell
DPSH-EN035 Rank-Up-Magic - Danger Space RUM-死宇宙 Super Rare Normal Spell
DPSH-EN036 Disintegration Ray of Destruction 絶滅の純然無化光速線 Rare Quick-Play Spell
DPSH-EN037 Universe Final Destiny 天地の終焉 Common Counter Trap
DPSH-EN038 Space Blast 宇宙爆破 Common Normal Trap
DPSH-EN039 Disarmament Treaty 軍縮条約 Ultra Rare Normal Trap
DPSH-EN040 Sealed Tomb 封印された墓 Common Continuous Trap
DPSH-EN041 Space Mirrors 宇宙の鏡 Common Normal Trap