This idea came to me a while back in the form of Nemesis - Twin. I toyed around with it for a while, and eventually came up with the Nemesis monsters, opposites in everything to the Elemental Heroes.

I can hear the furious clacking of keyboards typing outraged messages about how the Elemental Heroes already have opposites, the Evil Heroes. To these naysayers I say, well, you are absolutely right. I don't care, I'm making this pack anyway. Besides, superheroes normally have multiple orginizations of enemies.

As this is a duelist pack, it is small and I'll probably finish it in a few days, if my internet works alright. I might make more packs with Nemesis monsters depending how I feel.

Lastly, I have not made an actual character who'll use this pack, hence the name Nemesis Dawn, not a person's name. however, if you do want to make a character who will use these cards, go ahead. Just don't call him Yaden Juki, or soemthing similarily ridiculous.

Card List

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