It's base on Memoir's strength cards and her unique cards that included more in graveyard and hand control.

Duelist Pack - Memoir
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
DPMM-CC001 Mature Memoir Fusion Monster Ultra Rare
DPMM-CC002 Memoir's Little Assailant Effect Monster Common
DPMM-CC003 Memoir - Type Changer Effect Monster Common
DPMM-CC004 Memoir, Lightsworn Memory Effect Monster Common
DPMM-CC005 Memoir Neos Effect Monster Rare
DPMM-CC006 Memoir Neos - Fire Effect Monster Rare
DPMM-CC007 Memoir Neos - Aqua Effect Monster Rare
DPMM-CC008 Memoir Neos - Air Effect Monster Rare
DPMM-CC009 Memoir Neos - Earth Effect Monster Rare
DPMM-CC010 Memoir Neos - Light Effect Monster Rare
DPMM-CC011 Memoir Neos - Darkness Effect Monster Rare
DPMM-CC012 Power Memoir Effect Monster Common
DPMM-CC013 Memoir Synchron Effect Monster Common
DPMM-CC014 Debris Memoir Synchro Monster Super Rare
DPMM-CC015 Cybernetic Memoir Synchro Monster Super Rare
DPMM-CC016 Spellcaster Memoir Fusion Monster Super Rare
DPMM-CC017 Memoir's Sacrifice Quick-Play Spell Common
DPMM-CC018 Memoir's Different Dimension Trader Normal Spell Common
DPMM-CC019 Memoir's Deal of the Cards Quick-Play Spell Common
DPMM-CC020 Memoir's Hidden Power Spell Common
DPMM-CC021 Memoir Charity Spell Common
DPMM-CC022 Memoir's Force Toll Continuous Trap Common
DPMM-CC023 Memoir's Attribute Management Continuous Trap Common
DPMM-CC024 Memoir Mimic Normal Trap Common
DPMM-CC025 Memoir's Suicide Counter Trap Common
DPMM-CC026 Memoir's Barrier Continuous Trap Common
DPMM-CC027 Memoir's Quickly Tuning Trap Common
DPMM-CC028 Graveyard of Memoir Trap Ultra Rare
DPMM-CC029 Memoir's Trash Card Trap Super Rare
DPMM-CC030 Gravity of Memoir Trap Super Rare
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