• Cover Card is "Doom, Ultimate Lord of the End".
  • Introduces several new cards specially made for Ritual Monsters.
  • Story behind the title; I made up a sort of "campaign world" and story in which the players take part in a storyline (similar to the anime). Eight of the "bad guys" are the Duelists of Demise, all of whom are Duel Spirits. The first is Armageddon Knight, who is notable for his strategy of not using any Trap cards at all.
Duelists of Demise 1:Armageddon Knight
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
DOD1-EN001 Doom, Ultimate Lord of the End Holographic Rare Fusion Monster
DOD1-EN002 Demise, King of Armageddon Super Rare Ritual Monster
DOD1-EN003 Ruin, Queen of Oblivion Rare Ritual Monster
DOD1-EN004 Ragnarok, Vizier of Destruction Rare Effect Monster
DOD1-EN005 Ritual Recycler Rare Effect Monster
DOD1-EN006 Ritual Power Unit Common Effect Monster
DOD1-EN007 Ritual Arcanist Common Effect Monster
DOD1-EN008 Apocalypse, Herald of Defeat Rare Effect Monster
DOD1-EN009 Catastrophe, Herald of Victory Rare Effect Monster
DOD1-EN010 Prophet of Doom Rare Effect Monster
DOD1-EN011 Armageddon Knight Common Effect Monster
DOD1-EN012 Ritual Raven Common Effect Monster
DOD1-EN013 Ritual Owl Common Effect Monster
DOD1-EN014 Fiend of Muspelheim Common Effect Monster
DOD1-EN015 Fiend of Niflheim Common Effect Monster
DOD1-EN016 Ritual of Destruction Normal Spell
DOD1-EN017 Ritual of Celebration Common Normal Spell
DOD1-EN018 Ritual of Temptation Continuous Spell
DOD1-EN019 End of the World Uncommon Ritual Spell
DOD1-EN020 Contract with the Abyss Uncommon Ritual Spell
DOD1-EN021 Pact with the Chosen Angels Uncommon Ritual Spell
DOD1-EN022 Lost Ritual of An Ancient Time Normal Spell
DOD1-EN023 Ritual of Protection Quick-Play Spell
DOD1-EN024 Sanctified Hall of the Ancient Ritual Field Spell
DOD1-EN025 Ritual Barrier Common Quick-Play Spell
DOD1-EN026 Eve of Desolation Rare Normal Spell
DOD1-EN027 Dawn of Disaster Rare Normal Spell
DOD1-EN028 Ritual Cancel Common Quick-Play Spell
DOD1-EN029 Altar of Spirit-Channelling Continuous Spell
DOD1-EN030 Spell-Infused Ritual Rare Continuous Spell
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