EXCEED cards are mostly retooled versions of already existing monsters, with added restrictions and effects. EXCEED monsters are identified by having "EXCEED Mode" at the end of their names.

Most EXCEED monsters are Semi-Nomis, and can only be Special Summoned by removing from play its original version from the player's hand or field. They are destroyed if "Speed World" or "Speed World 2" are not face-up on the field, so they are only usable in Turbo Duels. All EXCEED monsters are WIND Attribute.

However, EXCEED monsters can revive themselves from the Graveyard (after being Special Summoned properly) by removing one Speed Counter from the player's Speed Field Card.

An EXCEED Mode Deck focuses on swarming the field with powerful EXCEEDs, making use of their effects to bring themselves back to the field. Most EXCEED support cards bring the originals back to the Deck for a second round, or bring EXCEEDs to the player's hand to be used.


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Stardust Dragon - EXCEED Mode - Red Dragon Archfiend - EXCEED Mode - Black Rose Dragon - EXCEED Mode - Ancient Fairy Dragon - EXCEED Mode - Chimeratech Fortress Dragon - EXCEED Mode

EXCEED Machine - EXCEED Gardna - EXCEED Accelerator

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