Earthquake Dragun (archetype)

“Earthquake Dragun” is an archetype of EARTH Dragon-type monsters created by LGhostRiderl and debuted in Sealed Elements. All members have DEF higher than ATK. The Synchro monsters are upgraded versions of "Earthquake Dragun" (Dragon-counterpart of "Megarock Dragon)", whose ATK and DEF always have a sum of 5000. The Main Deck members (and Extra Deck members that's not Synchro Monsters) are upgrated versions of "Baby Earthquake Dragun" (who is also an "Baby" version of "Earthquake Dragun").

Playing Style

All monsters possess the following effect:

- This card can attack while in face-up Defense Position. If it does, apply its DEF for damage calculation.

The archetype focus on control monster effects. All Synchro monsters focus on negate monster effects and copy the negated monster's name, block your opponent from activating any monster effects with same name. The Main Deck monsters (and Extra Deck members that's not Synchro Monsters) focus on Special Summon itself to Synchro Summon high level "Earthquake Dragun" Synchro Monsters, and the Spell/Trap Effects focus on easy summon those Synchro monsters and gain card/field advantage.

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