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Elemental HERO Captain Hawk
Attribute WIND WIND.png
Type(s) [ Warrior/Marshal/Effect ]
Affinity 8 Affinity.pngAffinity.pngAffinity.pngAffinity.pngAffinity.pngAffinity.pngAffinity.pngAffinity.png
ATK / DEF 2650 / 2000
Passive Effect
All "Elemental HERO" monsters you control gain 100 ATK and DEF for each "Elemental HERO" monster you control.
Affinity for "Elemental HERO" monsters
Active Effect
Once per turn: You can return 1 of your banished "Elemental HERO" monsters to the GY, then target 1 card your opponent controls; destroy it. If this card would be destroyed, you can banish 1 "Elemental HERO" monster from your GY instead.