Elemental HERO Earthquake
E・HERO ロックマン
Japan-flag Translated Elemental HERO Rockman
Attribute Earth Earth
Type(s) [ Warrior/Effect ]
Level 4 Level2Level2Level2Level2
ATK / DEF 1600 / 1800
Effect type(s) Effect
This card is treated as a Rock-Type monster. If this card attacks, it gains 300 ATK during the Damage Step only. If this card is attacked while in Attack Position, change it to Defense Position. If this card is attacked while in Defense Position, it gains 300 DEF during the Damage Step only. You can change this card's Battle Position in the same turn that it attacks. Once per turn, you can discard 1 card. Then, activate 1 of the following effects, depending on the card that you have discarded:
● Monster: Destroy 1 monster on the field.
● Spell/Trap: Destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card on the field.
If you activate 1 of these effects, this card cannot attack this turn.
Description Limited

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