"Elemental X HERO" is a sub-archetype of the HERO archetype. They consist of Warrior monsters, but few members are Aqua, Fairy, Fiend, Pyro, Rock,Thunder, and Winged Beast.

"Elemental X HEROs" are the future versions of the "Elemental HEROs" and they were formed by members of their former archetypes.

They focus heavily on Mirage Summon. However, each member from each Attribute has their own playstyles.

Attribute Playstyle
FIRE Offence. Destroying opponent's monsters, Boosting ATK, and deal damage.
EARTH Defence, Restrict Monster Zones.
LIGHT Attack Manipulation, Gaining LP, Spell Cards.
WIND Speed. Special Summoning. Returning cards to the hand.
WATER Hand Advantage/Manipulation, Supporting allies and Weakening the opponent.
DARK Can activate effect when destroyed, focus on Traps, and can summon from the GY.


Attribute Elemental X HERO
Main Deck Extra Deck
FIRE Pyro Fist
Magma Cannon
Burst Dragon
EARTH Stone Golem
Mountain King
LIGHT Neon Rabbit
Glow Fairy
Sunshine Girl
WIND Emerald Cyclone
General Skyfleet
WATER Aqua Girl
Blue Surfer
DARK Chain Master
Dark Creeper
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